Fitness Tracking Platform

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Using mobile device technology, Traintrak Health revolutionizes corporate wellness with proven data on employee exercise activity. This allows companies to offer more health benefits to their workforce, improve productivity, and aid in workforce retention.


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Traintrak is a mobile platform that tracks a user's activity at any fitness facility (gym, yoga studio, dance studio) using bluetooth beacons. The product is ultimately aimed at employers. An employee connects their company's account, which aggregates the activity data for its employees. This data is used to enable wellness programs and maximize benefits available under the Affordable Care Act.


The app required extensive prototyping. Bluetooth beacons were still fairly new, and as far as we knew no one else was using them to track time in a space. Time-based accuracy is difficult with beacons since the signals are localized and interference is common.

The tracking process steps consisted of:

  • The app receives a notification from the operating system that a Traintrak beacon is range
  • The app asks the user if they would like to check in at the associated facility
  • As long as the user is at the facility they remain checked in.
  • Once the device detects that the beacon is out of range, the session ends