Hello! My name is Gene.

Gobiko is my (mostly) one-person software production studio.

I can help you realise your vision, from concept to final product, through a combination of technical and product strategy, and implementation. I work with a range of clients from startups, to small-business owners, to large companies.

With 20 years of experience in software development, web applications, and technology leadership, I am passionate about creating innovative and impactful solutions. I have experience with a broad range of languages and technologies, and can help you choose the right technologies for your project. I have been trained in Design Thinking through the Luma Institute, and leverage these skills to help clients design and implement solutions that have a measurable impact on high-value outcomes. I also have a Prosciā„¢ Change Practitioner certification, and use my skills and knowledge to facilitate organisational change and transformation. I enjoy collaborating with diverse and talented teams, and I value curiosity, creativity, and continuous learning.