Location-based Social Media Platform

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Cornbread allows you to create beautiful digital messages and drop them wherever you are - a lake, a city street, your favorite restaurant. Discover and experience crumbs dropped by your friends, followers, and creative strangers. Cornbread is a social and creative app that ties experience to place.


  • Development
  • Strategy
  • UX


Cornbread was the brainchild and passion project of the agency I co-founded. It's a location-based social media platform with a twist- you can only view a piece of content if you are at the physical location where the content was posted. The unique name is a reference to the first American graffiti artist whose moniker was Cornbread.

Content dropped at the user's location is called a "crumb". A crumb consists of any combination of photos, videos, audio recordings, or short-form text. When a crumb is dropped, the geographic coordinates of the user are associated with it. Other users can look at a map and see where crumbs have been dropped, but they must be in the vicinity (within 30 feet) of where the crumb was dropped to view it. Additionally a user receives a notification if they are walking along and pass in the vicinity of a crumb.


I developed the first iteration of the product (native iOS app and API backend) in a record 2 months. The entire process from conception to launch was only 3 months, and we were a team of 3.

Cornbread was launched at the Northside Technology and Music Festival in Brooklyn. It was later featured at WebVisions in Chicago.