Peekaboo Fridge

Mobile Kid's Game

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Peekaboo Fridge is an entry in Night & Day Studios' Peekaboo series, spawned by the breakthrough kid's game Peekaboo Barn. It was the first title developed using a cross-platform framework. 


  • Development

Hacking the framework

Peekaboo Fridge was written on top of a proprietary cross-platform Javascript run-time framework for mobile that the studio had licensed. The framework was originally intended to produce interactive books and brochures. Wanting to get the best possible bang for the buck in licensing the platform, we looked at the possibility of writing some of our kid's games on top of it. I successfully developed Peekaboo Fridge as the first attempt. To be fair, the Peekaboo game mechanics are relatively simple. Still the creators of the framework were happily surprised that we had managed to go far beyond the typical use-case and implement a game with their framework.

Fridge is one of the most unique in the Peekaboo series featuring the playful illustrations of Corey Lunn and whimsical sound design of Colin Rackelman, both based in Portland.